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D250S Dual Battery Charger (56-677) by CTEK®. This charger is powered by DC energy sources like an alternator, solar panels, or wind power. It’s ideal for charging batteries on boats, RVs and trucks without access to AC. Optimizes power to meet charging requirements and switches between energy sources to achieve high efficiency multi-stage charging.

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  • Efficiently uses multiple DC sources of energy for power
  • Perfect for boats, campers, and RVs
  • Reduces charging time, costs, and dependency on AC power sources
  • Fast, multi-step charging from alternators and solar panels
  • Keeps battery fully charged to prevent sulphation and preserve battery capacity
  • Minimal installation time
  • Can be directly connected to solar panels without the need for a regulator
  • 2 year warranty

If you have batteries to charge but no convenient access to AC power, this is the battery charger for you. The D250S battery charger gets its power from DC sources like the alternator, solar panels or wind power and optimizes output to meet the charging requirements of different battery banks. It automatically selects the best connected DC energy source for the purpose and switches between these sources for high efficiency multi-stage charging.

This charger automatically adjusts the charging current and voltage to the battery state of charge and temperature to reduce the battery’s charge time. A sensor on the charger senses battery temperature, increasing battery voltage in cold weather, and reducing voltage when it’s hot, to ensure the battery is properly charged. The charger can be connected directly to solar panels without the need for a regulator and has a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) that helps the solar cells produce power as efficiently as possible. The MPPT uses the most effective combination of solar cell voltage and current, to ensure that the solar power and alternator function in unison to maximize power output.

Brand: CTEK       Part Number: 56-677
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