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As part of your transaction, you will be charged a Core Deposit Fee.

This Core Deposit will be refunded to you once you have completed the following steps:

1. Open the box that has been shipped to you, carefully.

You will need to reuse that box to return the core and receive your deposit back.

2. Inspect the item and be sure it meets your satisfaction.

3. Remove all items from the box that you will need for the installation.

4. Make sure a plastic packing slip envelope was included in your shipment for a return label.

5. Print the prepaid shipping label (sent to you via e-mail) and insert it into the plastic packing envelope. Be sure the bar code and return address are visible.

Note: You may have to fold the label to allow it to properly fit.

6. Place the fully assembled item to be returned directly in the box and seal it with tape for shipment.

WARNING: Product cores returned to that are not fully assembled or are not the unit that was removed from the vehicle, will void the core deposit and the deposit will be forfeited.

7. Once the box is sealed properly for shipment, place the plastic packing slip (with shipping label inside) over the label that was used to have the item delivered to you.

8. Please use your local UPS services to have the package returned to us. If you need assistance finding your local UPS site, please contact UPS directly at: 1-800-742-5877.

Once we receive and inspect the returned item for compliance, we will issue your refund.