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You know the engine is the component providing the power to spin your vehicle's wheels, but have you considered how that power actually gets transferred? The process is a complex one, involving a number of different parts, and one of the more important parts is your flywheel. This means it is important to keep it running at its best, and replacing it when something goes wrong is a great way to ensure you do not find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

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The importance of your vehicle's flywheel comes from the fact that it is the mechanism by which power moves from the engine to the transmission, and then eventually to the wheels. It spins at a smooth speed, which is higher when you are higher in the gear and lower when you are lower in it, so your wheels continue to spin without stopping and starting as they would if they were simply using the pulsing power from the engine.

It is a relatively simple piece of technology, because it is a disc-shaped object with hundreds of teeth around the perimeter. These teeth will connect to a number of different cogs, just like in a clock, and will continue to spin those cogs at the right speed using complex physics to ensure nothing goes wrong. They are made of a strong steel, since they have to deal with a large amount of force, and the teeth around the edge will usually be made of the same steel, and are manufactured from the same piece of steel to provide the most strength possible.

Knowing that the flywheel is made of very strong steel, from very strong manufacturing techniques, you could be forgiven for thinking that nothing can go wrong. Of course, this is not true and you will one day have a problem with the flywheel in your vehicle, with the teeth being the most likely cause. The teeth can snap off under the force they are subjected to, and this will cause the cogs to slip and ruin the entire point of the flywheel. The flywheel itself can crack, or even shatter, and this will usually happen with very little warning.

When any of these problems occur, there will be a number of symptoms showing themselves and they should not be ignored. One of those symptoms is 'surging,' meaning the vehicle seems to gain and lose power, as the cogs start to slip where teeth have snapped off the flywheel. You may hear grinding noises directly from the flywheel, and this is often a sign that it is being put under too much pressure and will likely break soon. Any sign of noise, or signs that gears are slipping and not connecting properly, should be immediately investigated.

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1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT
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Product looked great when it arrived.

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