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    Citroen Wood Grain has a habit of unlocking a different side to your vehicle that you didn’t know existed. It’s okay. It’s supposed to happen. The factory didn’t design the inside of your ride to meet your stylish demands. Few ever do. When that’s the case, it means you have to be the one to step up and take charge. Going with Citroen Dash Kits is a great way to accomplish the mission. knows that you expect premium quality when it comes to your model. We don’t blame you! We come stocked with a fine selection of Real Wood Veneers, Real Carbon Fiber, and of course, your exact OEM factory-wood match to give you what you need. Durability is never an issue, either. Each and every Citroen Dash Kit is coated with high-yielding Polyurethane that provides a glistening finish while acting as protection against UV rays and dust. That means you get a lifetime of interior luxury that never disappoints!

    Citroen Wood Dash Kits are a great addition to your ride’s wardrobe not just because of the fashionable image makeover, but also because they are simple to install. Citroen Wood Grain comes backed with specialized 3M auto-adhesive: simply “peel & stick” your way to a whole new interior layout! There is nothing like feeling truly satisfied with your vehicle the second you sit behind the wheel. If you are looking for the perfect way to make a statement about what kind of driver you are, a Citroen Dash Kit works every time!

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    Installing a dash kit is not that difficult. It is in fact quite easy if you just observe a couple of key points. Most important of all is cleaning the surfaces destined for beautification. Before you start peeling off the protective liner from the adhesive, you should “Dry fit” all the pieces. Wear rubber gloves when you apply the adhesive promoter, so you...

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    2006 Citroen C4
    | Posted by | (Kungsangen, STOCKHOLM)

    I bought my interior dash trim kit from CARiD, and I can only say that it is a very high quality product. Fitting it was a very easy task and took about 15-20 min on my Citroen C4 VTS Coupe 2006 model. Delivery was pretty fast too, considering the fact that I live in Europe. All in all, CARiD will not disappoint you... I highly recommend their products. This is not your regular "trash" look alike type of material, but real brushed aluminum (at least in my case).

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