Citroen Jumper Performance Exhaust Systems

The Citroen Jumper drives well, a characteristic that earns it a place among the world’s most popular sedans. If you are going to drive your Jumper in the city and in the country, you might as well have fun doing it. The car’s easy maneuverability makes it enjoyable to drive, but the thrill can be even greater if the performance is improved. This is what custom exhaust systems from CARiD do best. They have none of the restrictive shape and design that defines stock exhausts and can therefore allow maximum exhaust flow. This ensures that used gases do not seep into the engine cylinders for lack of anywhere else to go, affecting the engine’s efficiency and resultant power output. The best Jumper custom exhausts will give your car an extra 10-15% of power and torque. Borla, Flowmaster and Gibson Jumper cat back exhaust systems are examples of these. Installing any of these exhausts to substitute the stock exhaust will boost the car’s overall performance, in addition to giving more power.

It is easy to focus on the power gains and overlook other equally rewarding benefits of the Jumper custom exhaust system. Take fuel economy, for instance. A custom exhaust is the easiest way to increase your mpg without changing cars. Due to the high efficiency the exhaust promotes, your engine will burn fuel more efficiently, consequently reducing the car’s fuel consumption. The Jumper custom exhaust note is also something to marvel at. Its pronounced rumble is very different from the stock exhaust and quite pleasant. The Jumper is generally a quiet car and the low custom exhaust note harmonizes the cabin’s calmness. You will enjoy years of service from the Citroen Jumper custom exhaust system, and won’t have need to buy a replacement throughout the period you own the car. This durability is reflected in all Citroen Jumper exhausts sold by CARiD.

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