About Citroen Evasion

    The Citroen Evasion is known as a "eurovan," one of the names used for some identical large multipurpose vehicles that came as the result of PSA and Fiat joint venture, known as Sevel. The first generation of eurovans was introduced in 1994 and included the Citroen Evasion, Lancia Zeta, Peugeot 806, and Fiat Ulysse. The 5-door multipurpose vehicles were based on the Sevel Nord platform and produced in the Sevel Nord manufacturing plant located in France. The Citroen Evasion was badged Synergie in the markets of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland in view of different connotations in French and English. Thus in French the word "evasion" means "getting away from it all," while in English it means "getting away with it all."

    Similar to the American minivans, the first generation eurovans featured sliding rear side doors and compact size. The vehicles shared dimensions with the main rival, the Volkswagen Sharan, however, they came with the longer wheelbase and in one size only. Being a result of badge engineering, the eurovans had little differences in the powertrain parts and styling, though they had different grilles, taillights and lower tailgate, wheels and wheel covers, exterior and interior accessories. Addressing the latest trends in the automotive market, a lot of Citroen Evasion parts were restyled for the 1998 model year. The vehicle came with the new style of the rear bumper and front grille. The V8 petrol engine choice included 1.8L engine producing 98 hp, 2.0L engine rating 119 hp, and 2.0L turbo engine with 145 hp. There were also available 1.9L V8 and 2.1L V12 diesel engines. All engines were paired with 5-speed manual transmission.

    In 2000 Citroen revamped some parts of the Citroen Evasion for the model to meet needs of the market. A new 2.0L 16-cylinder petrol engine with 130hp replaced the 2.1L diesel one. This new petrol engine not only met the consumption requirements but was more environmentally friendly, as well. The 2.0L engine was mated to the standard 5-speed manual transmission or to the optional 4-speed automatic transmission. In a year, new 2.0L V8 and V16 diesels were offered. The 2.0L V8 turbo engine producing 145 hp was also available. The Citroen Evasion typically included interior with 7 seats, air conditioning system, locking system, powered windows, and Automatic Braking system. Two models were offered: Safari and Familiale. The Safari featured hydractive suspension systems to provide comfort driving either on smooth surfaces or in off-road conditions. The Familiale had front wheel drive and came without off-road suspension system.

    The Citroen Evasion was one of the first cars to come under the multipurpose vehicle tag, referring to the minivans type used for every day personal use. A wide number of vans shared both shape and size of the Citroen Evasion. The interior and exterior were subject to innovations and development, although no adjustments were carried out on the mechanics. The re-modified engines met needs of the 21st century, including highly productive HDi engines, provided with the particulate filter system to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission. The Citroen technology improved not only the car safety, using automated speed control and emergency braking systems, but also the car comfort with the hydractive suspension, start and stop system, navigation and parking systems. The Citroen Evasion continues to evolve with time in order to meet current market requirements and needs.

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