Citroen C8 Performance Exhausts

About Citroen C8 Performance Exhaust Systems

Ease in driving, comfort and a consistent safety record are some of the qualities that make the Citroën C8 a favorable MPV. You can throw in a fun element to the car by installing a custom exhaust system from CARiD. This increases maximum power and boosts overall performance. The problem with stock exhaust systems is that they restrict flow of exhaust gases, and this has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the engine. The technology used to shape them makes them narrow on one end, so that exhaust gas velocity is not equal on both ends of the exhaust system. The concept behind custom exhaust systems is completely different, and keeps the exhaust pipes even in diameter both at the header and tailpipe, and all exhaust parts in-between. Substituting the stock exhaust with a custom exhaust system has the potential to increase your C8 engine power output by 10-15%. Cat back exhaust systems for the C8 from Gibson, Flowmaster and Gibson fully replace the stock exhaust system to yield the best results.

An extra benefit you will enjoy from a custom exhaust for the C8 is better engine note. If you are still operating on a stock exhaust, you are all too familiar with the drone the exhaust system gives. A custom exhaust will get rid of this drone and reward you with a more powerful growl which does not get irritatingly loud at high rpm like the stock exhaust note. There are monetary savings to be made too. The first Citroën C8 custom exhaust system you buy will be the last. Made from durable stainless steel or aluminized steel, all custom exhausts at CARiD offer years of service. For your peace of mind, they are backed by lengthy, comprehensive warranties.

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