Citroen C4 Performance Exhausts

    About Citroen C4 Performance Exhaust Systems

    The Citroën C4’s practical design and good ride quality earn it a place among popular family hatchbacks. But it needs a little working on to infuse an element of fun in the car, which a custom exhaust system from CARiD can do. The exhaust is specially designed to increase horsepower and torque, leading to enhanced performance. The difference is that a C4 running on a custom exhaust system has more punch and gives more satisfaction than one running on a stock exhaust system. By fitting your C4 with the right custom exhaust, you can increase the engine’s power output by about 10%, and get about the same percentage of torque. Get a cat back exhaust system for the Citroën C4 from Flowmaster, Borla or Gibson. These give the highest amounts of power and torque gains, and increase overall performance by the highest percentage.

    Specific custom exhaust parts will boost power and performance, and are the best option when you do not want to get a complete custom exhaust. Pick any of the custom headers, pipes, mufflers, catalytic converters or collectors from MBRP, Weapon-R, Zunden, RBP or Onki. Fuel efficiency is one of the areas that get a boost from a custom exhaust system. Because the exhaust keeps unburned fuel from making its way into the exhaust pipes, fuel consumption is lowered. The stock exhaust does not fully block unburned fuel from flowing into the exhaust pipes, which explains why your fuel tank drains faster when you are using a stock exhaust. Once you have installed a custom C4 exhaust, you will enjoy greater fuel economy. Finally, with a custom exhaust system, you can get your C4 to sound like you’ve always wanted. The typical C4 custom exhaust note is throaty and pronounced, and turns to a roar at high rpm and cruising speed.

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    It has been a battle of the ages to make exhaust sound like it should. Having less bends or turns will not only improve the sound but also performance. A custom exhaust is always an option for the race inspired and spirited weekend warriors. Our manufactures offer everything needed to build a custom exhaust to your preference.
    The consensus opinion among exhaust flow experts is that any V8 engine will benefit from a dual exhaust system with an H-pipe or X-pipe. H-pipes were first installed to quiet this exhaust noise. As with the H-pipe, an X-pipe also affects the sound of the exhaust. With an X-pipe, the two sides of the exhaust system are merged. The exhaust pressure on both banks is...
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