Citroen C2 Performance Exhausts

About Citroen C2 Performance Exhaust Systems

The Citroen C2’s good looks and reliability on the road make it a great car to drive. To add an element of power into the car’s fun driving concept though, you will need to do slight modification on the car. Fitting it with a custom exhaust system from CARiD is a good place to start. Exhaust pipes within the C2 stock exhaust are narrow and lead to a high amount of back pressure. This affects fuel efficiency and automatically leads to low power output. Built to maximize the flow of exhaust gases, the custom exhaust is larger in size and has none of the bends found in the stock exhaust system. This straight design helps keep exhaust gases flowing and reduces backpressure to the correct level. In so doing, it ensures that no unburned fuel makes its way into the exhaust and increases fuel efficiency, which leads to higher power output.

Borla, Flowmaster and Gibson cat back exhaust systems for the C2 are installed in place of the stock exhaust and yield the highest power gains, often up to 10%. You can use exhaust pipes, headers, collectors, mufflers and catalytic converters from Onki, Zunden, MBRP, Weapon-R, and RBP to enhance the C2’s overall performance. Perhaps the greatest benefit you get from a custom exhaust aside from enhanced performance and power is fuel economy. With a custom exhaust in place, your C2 should give you an extra 1-2 mpg, which adds up to considerable savings on fuel. It also gives what every car owner silently wants – a powerful exhaust note. On low rpm the exhaust gives a throaty rumble, which turns to a deep and low roar at higher rpm. Thanks to its lasting durability, you won’t need to replace the Citroen C2 custom exhaust in years.

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It has been a battle of the ages to make exhaust sound like it should. Having less bends or turns will not only improve the sound but also performance. A custom exhaust is always an option for the race inspired and spirited weekend warriors. Our manufactures offer everything needed to build a custom exhaust to your preference.
Headers are installed because the stock exhaust manifolds usually flow poorly. An exhaust header has individual tubes for each exhaust port, allowing each exhaust pulse to flow unobstructed from the cylinder head. The tubes on headers are usually larger in diameter than the runners on an exhaust manifold and the tubes are mandrel bent for gradual radius bends.