Citroen Air Intakes

A Citroen is one of those practical family vehicles that are very useful for common daily tasks. But it doesn't mean that these cars can't gain increased horsepower and torque. Installation of one simple performance upgrade can change the situation considerably. And this upgrade is a custom-made Citroen air intake. Well-designed air intakes not only maximize the engine's torque and horsepower, but also improve the fuel efficiency. Another advantages you will get installing your new air intake include a more powerful engine sound, smoother throttle response, and faster acceleration.

These benefits come from air intake's ability to allow a larger amount of cooler and denser air to flow into the engine. Besides, this extra air is cleaner because each aftermarket air intake contains an advanced air filter engineered to provide superior filtration. So, your engine is also protected from any damaging particles that can get into it with an air. In addition, every product represented at is crafted to replace completely your OEM air intake, so you can install it yourself without any cutting and drilling. Plus, each and every air intake that we've stocked is manufactured by the most respected names in the aftermarket industry, so you can be sure they are made from high quality materials and will serve you for years.


Citroen Air Intakes Reviews
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I personally ordered the wrong inlet size for my Injen filter purchase but was able to make it work regardless. The filter works great, immediately after installing, (which took about 5 minutes) I started my car up and went for a drive, and could feel better throttle response right away and even fuel consumption is a bit better too!

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