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Nowadays, large chunks of the population, city dwellers in particular, lead hectic and fast-paced lifestyles. We often get so caught up in work and our routine that we forget to live and do fun stuff, we just accept the boring as a standard and this is a very wrong choice. In times like these, the best way out can be to make a change, try something new and spice things up. By disrupting the vicious cycle of work with spontaneity and adventure, you’re regaining the things we have to live for. However, sometimes a little change is all it takes to spice things up and what better thing is there to change if not your car, which you spend hours in every day. The Chrysler LHS wheels sold at CARiD are custom made, and installing them is sure to impact your life.

Adding a new style and flair to your car will not only make you prouder of it, it will definitely attract the attention of the public, whose praise is known to be cathartic. To choose a really stylish set of wheels, you should go over several points. First off, you must decide on the wheels’ color, as this is one of the most noticed elements and getting it wrong can be disastrous. You should also pick an original design which best suits your car and incorporates your personal touch. You’ll have hundreds of options to choose from, so why not start now, while the potential for change is there.

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Stanced. Demon camber. You may know it as oni-camber. You've seen the look, and whether you like it or not is totally beside the point. The great thing about this stanced look is that it gets your attention. From the interviews we've read with owners and drivers of these machines, that is exactly what they are after. They've said that it's all about being noticed.
Wheels that catch your eye because they really set off a vehicle do so because they are clean and sparkling, not dirty. If turning back to gaze at your own rims brings disappointment, the time is now to clean them up, get them looking their best with a shine, and develop a routine for keeping them that way.
Custom Wheels 101
To get the proper wheel for your car or truck, the wheel must have the right combination of wheel dimensions. Just as the sleeve length on a shirt or the inseam on a pair of pants has to be right for them to fit your body, your wheels have to be the right size for them to fit properly on your car or truck. This article will explain the various dimensions and how...