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    The Chrysler 300 features a carefully designed luxury interior beautifully executed in quiet tones. But if you wish to change something and make it more lively and eye-catching, there isn’t a better option than installing a custom steering wheel. Definitely you realize that only premium quality custom elements will look consistent with the luxury Chrysler 300 interior. This is why we offer only custom steering wheels made by the most experienced and reputed producers.

    If you think that an extra feeling of luxury is what your car needs, you should consider installing a wood and leather, or even an all wood custom steering wheel. We’ve got a wide choice of wood colors, and you can easily pick the material that will closely match the original wood elements. If you like the trendy metal inserts in your Chrysler 300 interior, you can order a custom steering wheel treated with matching carbon fiber. Our carbon fiber finishes come in a variety of colors from brushed aluminum and platinum silver to yellow, blue, or red fiber. Do you want to change more than just a steering wheel? Take a look at our custom dash kits, which in combination with a matching steering wheel can make the interior completely unrecognizable.

    A steering wheel is perhaps the most personal part of your vehicle. Whenever and wherever you are driving, you touch it, you feel it, and you see it. So if you really want your car to make a statement and reflect your personality, a custom steering wheel is a must. Whether you need a steering wheel that matches the interior of your vehicle or want something that creates a sharp contrast, within our huge collection, you will easily find the product that is right for you. Not enough proofs? Check over 2 steering wheel reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and get inspired for the changes.

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