Chrysler 300 Exhaust Tips

About Chrysler 300 Exhaust Tips

On the road, the Chrysler 300 is hard to ignore. Give the car an even more imposing presence with a custom exhaust system from CARiD. Three things a custom exhaust will add to your 300 are power, torque and better throttle response. While the stock exhaust system is built with good intent, it only meets the accepted standards of quality and does not help deliver an extraordinary performance. The custom exhaust system on the other hand, is built to increase horsepower and torque, giving the engine the boost it needs to give a powerful performance. CARiD’s offering of Chrysler 300 exhaust systems includes cat back systems from Borla, MagnaFlow, and Flowmaster. By installing any of these exhausts in place of the stock exhaust, you get up to 15% extra power and torque. Also available are high performance exhaust headers, pipes, catalytic converters and mufflers from Gibson and BBK as well as the brands mentioned above. Installing these will positively impact the performance of your 300 engine.

Chrysler 300 custom exhausts receive as much praise for sound as they do for performance. They lend the car a low boom which aptly suits the powerful 300 engine and block all engine noises so you can enjoy a quiet ride. Replacing the stock exhaust system may seem like a basic task, but its implications have far reaching effects. Take fuel economy, for instance. Did you know that the 300 mpg figures go up by 1-2mpg when the car is fitted with a custom exhaust system? That’s right. A Chrysler 300 aftermarket exhaust will not only give you better performance and better sound, it will also cut back your fuel expenses. Plus the exhaust’s lasting durability ensures you do not buy another exhaust system for a long time to come, technically translating to fewer auto maintenance expenses and more savings for you.