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    The Chevrolet Volt is an advanced hybrid vehicle that makes the most of electricity and fuel. It lets you drive on pure electricity for your everyday needs and switches to fuel when you need it for longer trips. Great handling, silent running and modern interior design can satisfy every driver's needs. The Chevy Volt is a very attractive and affordable solution for the 'green' motoring. Although many drivers are still afraid of purchasing a hybrid car, there are many lucky owners who have already felt the difference.

    To provide you with extra safety and comfort, CARiD offers the ultimate Chevrolet Volt Lighting parts. Anything could happen with headlights, LED lights or light bulbs, but there is no need to get stressed because you'll find everything you need in our online catalog. Each and every automotive light in our collection is manufactured according to high quality standards and features high durability and long service life. When you choose CARiD, you always get premium quality products at an economical price.

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    US Government Goes Green With Chevy Volt
    US Government Goes Green With Chevy Volt

    Under the electric vehicle pilot program announced by Energy Secretary Steven Chu on May 25, the US Government plans to purchase 101 Chevy Volts for use in the federal fleet. On the whole, there are 116 electric vehicles to be bought by 2012, namely 5 Think City EVs, 10 Nissan Leafs, and 101 Volts. All of them are to be distributed among 20 agencies, including the Treasury Department, the Energy Department, and the Navy, in five cities of the country: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Washington, DC. Next year, it is also planned to install about 100 charging stations in government buildings. And it is not clear yet whether the stations will be open for the public use.

    In 2010, the General Service Administration doubled the federal electric vehicle fleet. And in order not to increase the total quantity of the vehicles, old cars have been replaced with hybrids. This increased average mpg from 19.1 for the 2010 fleet to 23.4 for the 2011 fleet. The GSA claims that after the acquisition of the mentioned 116 EVs, there will be an overall fuel efficiency improvement of 21%. The new cars are supposed to save approximately 29,000 gallons of gasoline per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 253 tons and saving taxpayers about $116,000.

    Chevy Volt Named 2011 North American Car of the Year
    Chevy Volt Named 2011 North American Car of the Year

    For the Chevy Volt the new year kicked off with another accolade in the cap. The GM’s 2011 plug-in hybrid model won top honors as the Car of the Year 2011 at the Detroit Auto Show opening ceremony.

    The choice of the jury, which consisted of 49 journalists from the United States and Canada, didn’t surprise anyone - the demand for the GM’s EV across the country continues to be huge. The Volt was also named the Green Car of the Year and the Detroit Free Press’ Car of the Year.

    In the point-system voting, the Volt received 233 points, while its closest rival Nissan Leaf grabbed 94 points. In choosing a winner, the jury considered such factors as innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value.

    Vice Chairman Tom Stephens said the Volt "represents the soul" of the new GM and it is"meant to be a high-volume vehicle" as the industry is shifting to a new, low-gasoline paradigm. The Volts are being assembled in Detroit. GM is planning to sell 10,000 of them in 2011 and between 35,000 and 45,000 in 2012.