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About Chevy SSR Bed Accessories

The Chevy SSR (Super Sport Roadster) is highly unusual specimen in the automotive world. Part convertible, part customized 1950’s pickup truck, it features a rear-wheel-drive powertrain of a modern sports car, yet it has a high seating position and a ride you’d expect from a truck. By all means, your muscular SSR was never meant to be a workhorse. With just two seats and a narrow pickup bed with tonneau cover it offers only a scarce towing capacity. Even though you don’t plan on hauling wood or home-improvement supplies in its cargo bed, you most likely wouldn’t mind increasing its functionality, or add extra appeal to its already handsome looking body.

At CARiD we have numerous top-quality Chevy SSR bed accessories which will easily make its cargo bed more efficient, provide advanced protection for its surface, and enhance your SSR’s unique, muscular appearance. Your Chevy SSR is not only unique, but also rare - therefore it gets a lot of attention. For example, with the addition of exclusive, polished to a mirror finish SSR locker side rails decorating the sides of your truck, it is guaranteed that attention you’d receive will make you feel like you just won the lottery. At CARiD we’ve got plenty more SSR bed accessories that will make your machine stand out while making its pickup bed more useful and versatile.

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