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    The Chevy Silverado became so popular that now it counts as one of the top-selling pickups in America. The Silverado is GM’s #1 workhorse that comes in a wide variety of trims, body styles, and powertrain options. Due to its excellent flexibility, the Silverado pickup is just as capable at turning into a weekday family car as it is at hauling various construction supplies or towing a boat during the weekend. The SS version offers sporty characteristics with bucket seats, a rumbling V8 and flashy wheels. You must be proud of your truck, and if you wish make it more effective in towing/hauling operations, you’ve come to the right place.

    At CARiD we have gathered an assortment of various high-quality Chevy Silverado bed accessories to allow you turn your rig into an ultimate, hard-working machine. To own the pickup truck like yours, means to rely on its performance. To greatly improve your Silverado’s towing/hauling performance and much more, we offer an extensive line of truck bed accessories which offer plenty of useful features. Heavy-duty aluminum toolboxes, stylish SS bed rails, polished stainless steel bed bars, and other important bed accessories will easily turn your truck into a powerful looking, multitasking machine.

    Unlock your pickup truck's full useful potential and turn it into a Swiss Army knife on wheels. Make your cargo easier to load, stow, organize, retrieve, and secure with the full line of truck bed accessories available from CARiD. Check over 59 bed accessories reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and choose the accessories that are perfect for your pickup.

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    2013 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "We ordered the above product from CARiD and the product meets our expectations. We were, nevertheless, very disappointed with the shipment of the item. It seems that CARiD send the order to a company who is then responsible for shipping. If CARiD had followed the order through that company, we would not have been given the turnaround that we had. It took a week for the order to be placed which was the date we were told by CARiD that it would be delivered. When tracking the package, it was postponed again for another day. FED EX also did not deliver on the promised date as they could not find our address. We had to collect it ourselves from the FED EX Center closest to our location. We paid the product on April 11th and we picked it up on April 30. "

    2012 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "Very easy installation, the two piece system is very nice. Gives the truck a very nice look because they have removable covers for the holes on the top of the bed rails."

    2006 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "I got these on Friday, and on Sunday went to install. They came with all the hardware, including a 'long' and a 'short' bracket to screw onto the bolt that runs through the rail, and catches on the top of the stake pocket to hold the rail. The long ones didn't fit because I'd had a spray-in bed liner put in, but the short ones did. Just make sure the short ones fit across the stake pocket side-to-side and they work great."

    2003 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "Hello, I ordered the rails and they are nice on my son's truck, but my complaint is when I ordered them they did not say they were a set and looked throughout the website to make sure I was not ordering two sets and it said this no where. So that being said, I received two sets of the bed rails and now have to send one back."

    2009 Chevy Silverado
    Posted by

    "I have used mine for 3 years now and wouldn't know what to do without it. This Net holds things well in the truck bed and has a lot of hooks. This was exactly what we were looking for."