Chevy Lumina Steering Wheels

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Do you want to give the interior of your Chevy Lumina a new lease of life? Do you think it needs a touch of personality? Then you have come to the right place! At you will find a rich collection of custom steering wheels and other interior elements for your Chevrolet.

For a passionate driver a steering wheel is literally an extension of his or her arms. This is why it is so important to make sure that it perfectly suits driver’s taste! All our custom steering wheels are individually crafted by the leading makers of interior trim products. The choice of materials includes premium soft touch leather, stylish carbon fiber, high-quality wood, and their combinations. If you like luxury and classy interiors a wood, or wood and leather steering wheel is what you will definitely appreciate. Our wood and leather steering wheels feature high quality materials and smooth mating of wood and leather elements. If you prefer trendy designs and innovative materials you will like our choice of carbon fiber finishes. Combined with high-quality leather, this modern material will make your steering wheel look as stylish and luxury as never before!

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