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The Lumina used to be Chevy’s high value six-passenger sedan primarily aimed at the family market. The Lumina also used to be the second largest sedan after the Caprice which was discontinued back in 1996. In 1991 Chevy introduced the new high-performance Lumina Z34 coupe which was stuffed with the GM’s brand new 3.4-liter twin-cam engine. Additionally it featured some extra styling details like the louvered hood, rear lip spoiler, and body ground effects. To add to the package it also came with a sport suspension, sport bucket seats, and the road clutching tires wrapped around alloy wheels.

It doesn’t matter which one you drive, it is a great and dependable car that is still loved by many. If you would like to add something fresh to its exterior to make it stand out just a little bit more, just a tad maybe, well, CARiD will get your ride noticed! If you are not interested in body kits, then next thing you should consider is our broad variety of vivid looking Chevy Lumina license plates and frames. These license plates/frames aren’t some cheaply made pieces of sheet metal. Made from either durable stainless steel or extremely tough ABS plastic, these visual upgrades come in variety of styles and flashy-looking trims to boost the overall appearance of your trusty Chevy Lumina.

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