Chevy Kodiak License Plates

The Kodiak is Chevy’s biggest and baddest medium-duty truck that weights over 10,000 pounds. Nice thing about this beast of a truck is that you don’t have to own a special commercial license to drive it. The chassis which the Kodiak sits on has been more commonly used as base for school buses, dumb trucks, and tow trucks. The roughest of surfaces you’d happen to drive on would be absorbed by the Ultra Ride air suspension, fully air-suspended seats and even the cab with its separate air-suspension system ensuring a smooth ride even when not fully loaded. All this mass is powered by the Duramax V8 diesel engine and a smoothly operating Allison six-speed automatic transmission.

As ludicrous as it may sound, but this hulking beast could be used as a daily driver – it’s got pretty civilized road manners and a cushy cabin in which it is not that hard to get in, but of course it was meant for hard work. If you want your truck to stand out and be well-recognized, CARiD can hook you up. Just like your rig, we’ve got a selection of tough-looking Chevy Kodiak license plates and frames specifically crafted to boost its lofty appearance. When we say “tough” we meant it – these license plates/frames are made out of genuine stainless steel and super strong ABS plastic that can withstand the punishment. Throw into the mix an awesome styling with a variety of eye-catching finishes and you’ve got a product that’s hard not to be impressed with.

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Chevy Kodiak Models
  • C4500 Kodiak C4C042 License Plates
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  • C4500 Kodiak C4E044 License Plates
  • C4500 Kodiak C4U042 License Plates
  • C4500 Kodiak C4V042 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5C042 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5C044 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5E042 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5E044 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5H042 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5U042 License Plates
  • C5500 Kodiak C5V042 License Plates
  • C60 Kodiak C6H042 License Plates
  • C6500 Kodiak C6C042 License Plates
  • C6500 Kodiak C6E042 License Plates
  • C6500 Kodiak C6H042 License Plates
  • C6500 Kodiak C6V042 License Plates
  • C70 Kodiak C7H042 License Plates
  • C7500 Kodiak C7C042 License Plates
  • C7500 Kodiak C7E042 License Plates
  • C7500 Kodiak C7H042 License Plates
  • C7500 Kodiak C7V042 License Plates