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    The Lumina has become a prized chapter in the Chevy story, blazing a legacy of high-performance and dependability that have left many satisfied customers wanting even more. Its stylistic Z34 series enables even the most jaded a shot at the big time, coming prepped and ready with a factory spoiler and a hard-charging 3.4 litre V6, granting the road-searing pop that racing enthusiasts often crave. Sold as a performance sedan, the Lumina drives with a touch more refinement than it's often associated with, which is why it attained the level of popularity it has enjoyed. You can never have too many stars, and the Lumina shines brightly in the Chevy galaxy. showcases the highest quality Chevy Lumina accessories and parts in the game for you to choose from. That's because we understand what this ride is capable of, and we know you want the best of the best. Our entire line of Chevy Lumina accessories and parts comes to you from elite manufacturers to ensure a lockdown OEM fit and relentless durability you can depend on. Grilles, wheels, spoilers, wood dash kits, chrome trim and more are available right here. When Chevy Lumina accessories are your objective, this is the place to get what you need.

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    Farewell Party for the Chevrolet Kodiak
    Farewell Party for the Chevrolet Kodiak

    Last Monday, General Motors announced that it's going to wind down the medium-duty truck operations by August 2009, meaning that after that point both the Chevy Kodiak and the GMC TopKick won't be produced anymore.

    In accordance with the sales figures from the two truck lines that extend through May 2009, the Topkick sales have dipped 69% and the Kodiak sales are down 48%; the decrease spelled doom for the vehicles. Not that GM wasn't trying to save the trucks. Two years ago, General Motors announced that it was going to sell the medium-duty truck business to Navistar International. Still when the economy slid over the past few years, the financial stability of both companies started to look pretty grim. No surprise that the deal to sell off the brands failed. As GM filed for bankruptcy on June 1 and announced the restructuring, a lot of brands were expected to be sold or discontinued, which actually happened. In the past week, General Motors announced it's selling Opel and Saturn, and now the Chevy Kodiak and GMC TopKick are leaving us for good. The last Kodiak is scheduled to be produced on July 31, 2009.