Chevy Impala Rocker Panels

The common problem of all vehicles is their vulnerability to rust. Rocker panels are the least protected from rust because of their close proximity to the ground. Besides, if this car part has bad drainage, moisture can accumulate after heavy snow and rain causing rust. Your damaged or rusty rocker panels both make your Impala look shabby and reduce its rigidity. Traditionally, rocker panels are located under its doors, between the tire wheels, and are used to protecting your vehicle's undercarriage from rocks, road debris, and mud. OEM moldings are painted the same color as the rest of the car, but it doesn't mean that you have to be pleased with the status quo.

Our team offers the most comprehensive collection of Impala rocker panels made of first-class materials by high-end companies such as Smittybilt, Warn, Goodmark, and many others. The products on offer are chrome covered, fiberglass, plastic, etc. It is up to you what style of panel you will choose to make your Chevy unique and express your individuality. Replacing old parts of your vehicle is something more than just bringing a slight look to it. It means making your Impala more powerful and eye-catching. Don't neglect the tiniest parts of your vehicle as they create an exclusive look for your vehicle.

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A rocker panel is a stamped steel piece that is an integral part of your car's body structure. Rocker panels are located along the sides of the vehicle between front and rear wheel well openings, just below the doors. In fact, you lift your feet over them every time you enter and exit your vehicle. Aside from roof supports, they are the only part of the frame...
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