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    Chevy HHR Is No Longer with Us
    Chevy HHR Is No Longer with Us

    May 2011, the last Chevy HHR rolled of the line. The retro-styled vehicle was launched in 2005, and after a six-year run, GM decided to discontinue the HHR that was the only rival to the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The station wagon will be sold in dealerships until October 2011.

    One of the potential reasons for discontinuation is the platform issue. The GM Delta platform that now underpins the retro-styled HHR has been changed to the Global Compact Vehicle Architecture. Probably, General Motors simply does not want to make modification to fit the HHR's body to the new chassis.

    The customers are offered few alternatives to the HHR. The Chevrolet Captiva Sport will replace the Chevy HHR in the compact crossover wagon class in the United States. Unfortunately, the small SUV will not be available for purchase by rental fleets and individual retail customers. The Chevy Orlando that replaces the HHR in some global markets will not be available in the United States either. However, GM Korea will build the Orlando for Canada and Mexico.