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Look up "fan belt" in any modern automotive dictionary, and you'll typically find a definition that reads, "An endless belt used to transmit power from a crankshaft-driven pulley to a pulley driving the fan, alternator, or other engine accessory. It is usually V-shaped in cross section with the point of the V fitting into a groove in the pulley".
Does your ride have timing gears, a timing belt, or a timing chain? Is one better than the other? And perhaps most importantly, do I need to be concerned about the recommendation to replace the timing belt at a certain mileage interval? Welcome to our discussion of "engine timing".
Internal combustion engines are extremely complex and feature a wide array of components that rotate, move up and down, pump, seal, or remain stationary. When repairing or rebuilding your engine, you will come across many different terms when referencing repair manuals and ordering parts. We know it can be confusing, especially when the repair is complex. Even if...
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Don't look any farther, get this controller!
2011 Chevy Camaro
| Posted by | (Monterey Park, CA)

With my lastest round of upgrades to my Turbo Charged Chevy Camaro, I wanted programmable boost levels based on what I was doing at the time and I wanted to do it on the fly. Well, after checking around the Turbosmart eBoost2 was the most highly recommended product and they weren't wrong. This device makes setting your boost levels a simple process that you can do inside the car, and without cranking a knob like manual controllers. Besides the ability to set up 6 different "change on the fly" programs, you can also monitor max boost, max rpm, and real time boost and RPM. Setting up the controller was very simple, as well as installing the unit. Turbosmart provides easy to read instructions and when I had a question I couldn't figure out, I called their customer service department and got an instant answer that was correct. That's great product support! Besides easy setup, the unit has a light sensor for dimming and brightness that works perfect in all lighting situations. Even with the top down in my car, I can easily see the display in sunlight. At night, the dimming sets the unit to a comfortable level. The only downside to the whole controller is it's size. At 60mm, it doesn't fit the small gauge pods. I ended up having to use a hole saw bit to open up a whole in a replaceable panel. Not a big problem since that panel I drilled the hole into is under $70 from Chevy.

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