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    Chevy Cruze Wood Grain takes you on a journey of discovery. What do you discover? That your Cruze has the potential to present an ultra-accommodating interior that you always look forward to climbing in. We make it happen for you with a wide selection of Chevy Cruze Wood Dash Kits featuring all of the most alluring finishes under the sun. Real Woods, Synthetic Materials, and Real Carbon Fiber are among your choices. You can also count on the highest level of quality possible. We bring in expert names like Sherwood® and B&I to make sure we’re one step ahead of everyone else! All Chevy Cruze Wood Grain is a snappy installation virtually every driver can handle with ease. Just “peel & stick” for a precise lifetime fit! No fading, fraying, or chipping. This is the real deal. Don’t let it pass you by. Bring home the Chevy Cruze Wood Grain that puts it all in the proper perspective.

    Offered in a wide selection of material and finish options, dash kits are a spicy upgrade that can suit the needs and preferences of all customers. Whether you are surfing for the smartness of genuine wood or the funkiness of carbon fiber, we have what you need and more than you expect. Flat and molded dash kits made of genuine wood, aluminum, carbon fiber, and synthetic materials - they all are waiting for you on our digital shelves. If it's hard for you to make your choice, you can always check 7 dash kit reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to find the product that is perfect for you.

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    Molded vs Flat Dash KitsMolded vs Flat Dash Kits
    There are two types of dashboard kits available on the market today: flat and molded. The difference between these two is based on the shape of the dashboard a vehicle has. Some cars are coming out with a flat panel while others have a board that is curved around the edges or in 3D shapes. Correspondingly, molded dash kits are suitable for the latter kind of the dashboard, whereas flat dash kits are perfect for the first-mentioned type.
    Many people think that the genuine material always is better than materials imitating other materials. Even if the real wood is encased in plastic materials it cannot be completely isolated from the environment. Modern synthetic wood materials are so similar to the original that it takes the eye of a true expert to tell them apart.

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    2011 Chevy Cruze
    Posted by

    "Excellent product for the do-it-yourself types. Product arrived within 5 days, with instructions and support products. Follow instructions and lay out parts off packing cardboard first. Important to use all the wipes to clean surface. Use glue sticks on all curved surface for perfect results. Looks great. Wish I would have ordered a Full Kit."

    2011 Chevy Cruze
    Posted by

    "The Remin trim kit turned out to be a great purchase. Most of the pieces fit very well besides probably 6 out of the 46 pieces. The colors that they display on the website are an exact match to what it really looks like. When I first started out I was a little concerned that it would look plasticy and that some pieces would not adhere/stay in place after a while. It turned out looking excellent and after about two weeks all the pieces are still in tact and looking great! Would definitely recommend, in fact we ordered another kit for my Dad's truck."