Chevy Corvette Hitch Covers

Few cars can beat the style and performance that comes with a Chevy Corvette. Its comfortable ride quality, affordability and reasonable fuel economy are outstanding. Its sporty looks are an instant attraction to sports car fans. This vehicle’s performance is awesome on the freeway as well as on country roads. A Chevy Corvette trailer hitch from CARiD would come in handy when hauling your boat for a fishing trip with your friends. Before purchasing a particular hitch, confirm your car’s towing capacity from your manual. Should you find that your car does not have the capacity to tow the load you require, you need not mind. You have the option of upgrading your receiver mount to a higher weight class. You also need to ensure that your load is evenly distributed. Using a weight carrying trailer hitch is not advisable because it concentrates the weight at the back, making it difficult to steer the vehicle. Preferably, use a weight-distribution trailer hitch because this has a spring back that transfers weight to the front axle.

Chevy Corvette trailer hitches are made by the most reputable manufacturers in the business. Brands such as CURT, Draw-Tite and Reese are renowned for their uncompromising standards on quality. The products are also easy to install. They are made to fit specific makes and models of vehicles with no drilling action required. They simply require bolting the hitch to your vehicle, a feat easily accomplished in half an hour. However, some such as the Gooseneck trailer hitches do require drilling to install on your vehicle properly. Such hitches also come with a template to aid in placing the holes correctly. The product comes with an instruction manual to guide you in the process. Alternatively, have it done at the local repair shop.