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A lot of people envy you when your Chevy Colorado dashes along the motorways, showing off its speed and style. Do you wish to move faster and add unique appearance to your pickup? Also what about preserving paint on your truck bed or keeping your cargo dry? It’s a pity you didn’t hear about Chevy Colorado tonneau covers before, because if you did, you would have bought one long ago and would already enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Don’t trust people too much – they can rob you one day. A tonneau cover with a carefully hidden lock will rid you of such force majeure. A tonneau cover with a remote control operated lock is very convenient. All types of covers have their own benefits: hard, soft, retractable, folding, roll-up covers – all of them have something unique and exceedingly useful. Almost all of the covers are impact resistant making you feel more confident about safety of your cargo. If the area where you live is subjected to frequent rainfalls we advise you to opt for a cover that drains water through channels and drain hoses. Your options are so diverse that you are sure to choose something that will perfectly suit you and won’t break your budget.

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    • Access® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
      (17 reviews)
      Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by Access®. All Access covers are made in heavy-duty commercial grade fabric, which is vinyl coated on both sides for perfect weather-proofing. The covers withstand both the hottest and the coldest weather....
      $391.48from $313.18 - $538.05
      # 336
    • Truck Covers USA® Retractable American Roll Tonneau Cover
      (27 reviews)
      Retractable American Roll Tonneau Cover by Truck Covers USA®. This all-aluminum locking tonneau cover features multiple louver pieces that form an impenetrable shell when closed and offer great flexibility with a range of open...
      $1,993.75from $1,595.00 - $3,199.00
      # 859
    • BAK® BakFlip Folding Tonneau Covers
      (2 reviews)
      BakFlip Folding Tonneau Cover by BAK®. The BakFlip Folding Tonneau Cover core is laminated from impact resistant, fiber reinforced, expandable polystyrene with a surface in aluminum or fiberglass. The patented rubber hinges are...
      $872.50from $698.00 - $889.00
      # 385
    • BAK® RollBak Retractable Tonneau Cover
      (9 reviews)
      RollBak Retractable Tonneau Cover by BAK®. This cover is as tough as one-piece hard covers and as flexible as roll-ups. The extremely strong aluminum slats are rated for 400 lb loads. The RollBak Retractable Tonneau Covers mount...
      $1,287.35from $1,029.88 - $1,199.88
      # 388
    • BAK® Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover
      (1 reviews)
      Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover by BAK®. Whether you use your truck for work or for leisure, the BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover has you covered. Being a hard cover, yet still having the ability to roll to your cab gives full bed...
      $1,123.75from $899.00 - $948.00
      # 7913
    • TruXedo® Deuce Hinged Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
      (11 reviews)
      Deuce Hinged Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by TruXedo®. This unique cover is a rollup cover with a front fold-up section that allows for easy access to toolboxes or cargo in the front of the bed, while keeping the rear of the bed covered....
      $673.75from $539.00 - $609.00
      # 399
    • TruXedo® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
      (32 reviews)
      Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by TruXedo®. TruXedo rollup covers are unbeatable in the one area truck owners value most: getting a lot of bang for the buck. The TruXedo rollups are affordable, practical and good looking. The straight bows...
      $361.25from $289.00 - $661.00
      # 400
    • Extang® Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
      (38 reviews)
      Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Take truck usability to a new level with these tri-fold tonneau covers that are designed for easy access, ultimate security, and impenetrable protection from the elements. Each tri-fold cover...
      $486.25from $389.00 - $989.00
      # 1311
    • Extang® Roll Up Tonneau Cover
      (3 reviews)
      Roll Up Tonneau Cover by Extang®. This soft cover offers everything you may want from a tonneau cover: it's easy to install, it protects your cargo, it rolls up in seconds, and it gives your truck a sleeker, more aesthetically...
      $548.75from $439.00 - $539.00
      # 1312
    • Extang® Full Tilt™ Hinged Tonneau Cover
      (0 reviews)
      Full Tilt™ Hinged Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Created to be the most versatile hinged cover in the industry, this cover is available in snap and snapless styles, as well as in the version that is able to accommodate your existing...
      $523.75from $419.00 - $479.00
      # 1314
    • Extang® Snap Tonneau Cover
      (5 reviews)
      Snap Tonneau Cover by Extang®. When you are looking for the most budget-friendly and the easiest-to-use cover out there, this product is the one. But for the ease of installation and low price, this cover also allows you to access...
      $323.75from $259.00 - $329.00
      # 1313
    • Extang® Tuff Tonno™ Tonneau Cover
      (2 reviews)
      Tuff Tonno™ Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Designed to tightly fit your truck bed, this cover boasts a unique J45 'peel and seal' strip edging and rotating rear-end rail that reliably secure the cover and give you a smooth, snapless...
      $348.75from $279.00 - $309.00
      # 1316
    • TonnoPro® HardFold Tonneau Cover
      (8 reviews)
      HardFold Tonneau Cover by TonnoPro®. This tonneau cover consists of one textured vinyl cover piece overlaying solid aluminum panels that fold up in three sections, with easy-release handles for each one. The frame secures to the...
      # 1256
    • Roll-N-Lock® M-Series™ Retractable Tonneau Cover
      (7 reviews)
      M-Series™ Retractable Tonneau Cover by Roll-N-Lock®. A thick vinyl cover backed with a solid frame made up of individual aluminum slats provides the versatility of a roll-up soft cover with a hard shell that is difficult to...
      $336.25from $269.00 - $1,384.00
      # 981
    • TonnoPro® TonnoFold Tonneau Cover
      (39 reviews)
      TonnoFold Tonneau Cover by TonnoPro®. This tonneau cover consists of one textured vinyl cover piece overlaying an aluminum frame that folds up in three sections, with easy-release handles for each one. The frame secures to the...
      # 1254

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    All tonneau cover types will provide protection from sunlight and UV rays, and keep strong winds from blowing debris into or items out of the bed. Some covers offer sophisticated water draining systems that work similarly to the gutters on your house, directing rainwater in channels to a drain hose. Read on to find out, which tonneau cover is right for your truck.
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    Chevy Colorado Tonneau Covers Reviews
    Average rating: 4.5 4.6 - 14 reviews
    2015 Chevy Colorado | Posted by Ray | (Livermore, CA)

    Looks great, can provide more feedback after 6-12 months worth of usage on its performance and overall quality, etc. So far so good.

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