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    The exterior of your vehicle is important because it is the thing that makes the first impression. The standard appearance of the Chevy Cobalt is rather stylish but it won’t stand out among the other cars in your town. You don’t want your colleagues or friends to think that you lack imagination, do you? So, take the exterior of your car to the next level with a Chevy Cobalt custom hood! These aftermarket accessories are available in various shapes and colors for you to choose from.

    The listed products are not the only ones you should bear in mind when you make your choice. Certain types of custom hoods offer an upgrade in terms of performance as well. If your engine is not burning gas efficiently, the obvious solution is to provide it with a stable and direct air flow. You can do this by installing a hood scoop. If you are worried about your internal gears constantly getting overheated, a cowl hood will reduce the temperature of the automotive systems. Another possible option is a bulge hood. This product allows you to install some bulky upgrades because it creates some additional space under the hood. With this vast variety of stylish and functional accessories, you now have many opportunities to customize your Chevy Cobalt!

    When the time to replace your damaged hood comes, we'll be here for you with our exhaustive selection of factory-style hoods. And if you are ready to spice up the style of your vehicle, you'll definitely find what you need within our ever-expanding range of custom products. Available in carbon fiber and fiberglass, the custom hoods that we stock will not only give your vehicle a special look but will also add to its performance because of the uber light weight of the applied materials. Still have doubts? If you're not sure whether you need this upgrade or not, you can always rely on the experience of other customers. Just look through 3 custom hood reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find a product that will meet your needs and budget.

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    2008 Chevy Cobalt
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    "The hood came in a nice wrapped package and was easy to install. There is a total of 6 bolts to install, two per hinge, 2 for the shock to hold the hood up. Very simple and easy."