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Adapting or customizing your Chevy Aveo can be fantastic fun, help make your vehicle really remarkable looking, and also help it become more secure and lend it additional features . Buying new headlights is generally an effective and quick strategy to do all of this, and if you are interested in Chevy Aveo custom headlights to upgrade your car's original headlights with something special that looks terrific and delivers a less hazardous driving experience in night conditions, we have whatever you need at CARiD. With our first class variety of Chevy Aveo Euro headlights, Chevy Aveo halo projectors and other styles in custom headlights for your Aveo model, extending your road visibility and giving your Chevy a cool new look has never been more convenient!

Our top quality Chevy Aveo headlights offer you trouble free plug and play installation, leading them to be amazingly quick and uncomplicated to set up and get going, and with our superb range of designs the toughest part of buying your new Chevy Aveo projector headlights or Euro headlights is making a decision on which to opt for from our exceptional selection of products! We provide swift shipping and delivery and great value prices on our range for the Aveo, so why hold off? Order yours now!

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    • Spec-D® Custom Headlights
      (798 reviews)
      # 7515
      Custom Headlights by Spec-D®, 1 Pair. Improve your vision at night and in inclement weather and upgrade your vehicle’s appearance with these bolt-on headlight assemblies. The projector beam headlights will produce a sharper, more...
      $60.08 - $534.00
    • Replace® Factory Headlights
      (116 reviews)
      # 2750
      Factory Headlights by Replace®. You need your headlights to be functional for safe driving, to see the road and be seen by other drivers. Don't drive with a damaged or non-functional headlight and endanger yourself and your...
      $19.30 - $2,046.63
    • TYC® Factory Replacement Headlights
      (38 reviews)
      # 2660
      Factory Replacement Headlights by TYC®. When you're driving late at night, you do want to clearly see the road ahead and want your headlights to perform at their best. Then again, when one of your headlights gets damaged, you think...
      $16.56 - $1,130.75
    • Eagle® Factory Replacement Headlights
      (22 reviews)
      # 4196
      Factory Replacement Headlights by Eagle®. Go with these high quality replacement lights to improve your visibility and feel safe on the road. Each and every light is meticulously designed for a perfect fit to ensure durability and...
      $19.53 - $654.18
    • Dorman® Factory Replacement Headlights
      (14 reviews)
      # 6332
      Factory Replacement Headlights by Dorman®. Dorman comprehensive line lighting components includes headlights, side marker lights, tail lights and more! All lighting components are direct replacements for a proper fit.
      $13.31 - $1,222.14
    • Spec-D® Projector Headlights
      (600 reviews)
      # 128
      Projector Headlights by Spec-D®, 1 Pair. Improve your vision at night and in inclement weather and upgrade your vehicle’s appearance with these bolt-on headlight assemblies. The projector beam headlights will produce a sharper,...
      $66.75 - $534.00
    • Spec-D® LED Headlights
      (511 reviews)
      # 2765
      LED Headlights by Spec-D®, 1 Pair. Upgrade your car or truck from plain and anonymous to high class Euro style and unique with these Halo Headlights with LEDs. Halo lights are one of the most popular tends in automotive lighting...
      $100.13 - $534.00
    • Spec-D® Halo Projector Headlights
      (502 reviews)
      # 127
      Halo Projector Headlights by Spec-D®. Delivering extensive light and forming it into concentrated beam, Halo Projector Headlights are effectively illuminating the road, without blinding oncoming drivers. Utilizing "Angel Eyes"...
      $100.13 - $527.93
    • Sherman® Factory Replacement Headlights
      (5 reviews)
      # 6300
      Factory Replacement Headlights by Sherman®. Don't risk your safety by driving with non-functional or damaged headlights. Replace them with Sherman headlights built to OEM specifications to provide a direct fit along with...
      $33.32 - $854.18
    • TYC® Factory Replacement Fog Lights
      (12 reviews)
      # 2783
      Factory Replacement Fog Lights by TYC®. When you're cutting you way through the dense fog, you do want to clearly see the road ahead and want your fog lights to perform at their best. Then again, when your lights get damaged, you...
      $6.45 - $206.28
    • Sherman® Factory Replacement Fog Lights
      (1 reviews)
      # 6297
      Factory Replacement Fog Lights by Sherman®. Stay on track and drive safely in foggy weather and heavy rain/snow conditions with Sherman fog lights that will help you see the road better. Go to Sherman for replacement fog lights...
      $12.12 - $385.12
    • Dorman® Factory Replacement Fog Lights
      (11 reviews)
      # 4004
      Factory Replacement Fog Lights by Dorman®. If you are looking for a replacement for a corroded or damaged factory fog light, this product is a great solution. Made to original equipment specifications, this fog light fits factory...
      $16.01 - $328.74
    • Sylvania® Headlight Replacement Bulbs
      (12 reviews)
      # 2991
      SilverStar Headlight Replacement Bulbs by Sylvania®. Upgrade your standard headlight bulbs with SilverStar series halogen bulbs and gain a 30 to 50% increase in brightness, a 25 to 40% increase in forward distance visibility, and a...
      $10.99 - $119.99
    • Lumen® Fog Light LED Bulbs
      (13 reviews)
      # 2361
      Fog Light LED Bulbs by Lumen®. Increase the light output, safety and style of your fog lights with light emitting diode bulbs from Lumen. LEDs match the size and shape of your vehicle's original equipment and install easily without...
      $14.99 - $32.95
    • Putco® Headlight Bulbs
      (26 reviews)
      # 3455
      Headlight Bulbs by Putco®. Increase your vehicle's light output and improve your nighttime visibility and safety with just a bulb change! These bulbs are superior to both ordinary bulbs and OEM halogen bulbs. They're also available...
      $31.99 - $36.99

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    If the front of your vehicle is its “face”, then the headlamps have long been considered the vehicle’s “eyes”. Everyone notices them. One of the most distinctive changes you can make to the face of your car or truck is to replace the factory headlamp assemblies with a custom set. Your ride will take on a personality all its own, and will gain a...
    Custom headlamp assemblies on the market today tend to be grouped into four main designations: "Projector" style, "Halo" style, "LED" style, and "Euro" style. This can lead to confusion, because "Halo" style headlamp assemblies may also be equipped with projector lights and LED bulbs. Or, "Euro" style headlight assemblies may be equipped with halo rings, projector...
    Those of you born after 1990 or so have grown up in an automotive world where “all cars” have composite headlamp assemblies, uniquely designed to be make- and model-specific. If a light within the assembly burns out, you replace “just” the bulb. If the unit cracks, you must purchase a replacement that fits your car and your car only.
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    2007 Chevy Aveo | Posted by John | (Key West, FL)

    Not that hard to put.

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