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    Launched in 2002, the Chevrolet Avalanche was a pickup-truck with a high payload and towing capacity. Unlike the typical pickup trucks available on the market, the open bed of the Avalanche opens to the back seat area through a folding panel and removable rear window, transforming the vehicle into a six passenger SUV. This vehicle was named the Truck of the year by the Motor Trend magazine and in 2012 was nominated as the Top Pickup Truck. The latest 2013 Avalanche model is a full-sized truck powered by the V-8 engine. It features a coil-spring rear suspension for excellent driving experience and refined interior for maximum comfort.

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    The Chevy Avalanche Retires
    The Chevy Avalanche Retires

    Introduced eleven years ago, the Chevy Avalanche reshaped the light-duty truck segment. In 2001, its unique body design that combined elements of an upscale SUV and a full-size truck virtually blew up the industry. It was able to haul, tow and carry the entire family, while the industry-first midgate allowed for even more storage space. As a result, today around 65% of all light-duty trucks feature the flexible crew cab design brought to us by the Avalanche. The sad news is that despite being a tremendous success, the Chevy Avalanche faced a huge sales drop. Which is why, after the 2013 model year, the truck will retire.

    To honor the final run of the Avalanche, Chevrolet released the very last special edition – the 2013 Black Diamond Avalanche. According to GM, the Black Diamond is their very special way to say 'Thanks you' to all the customers who have been devoted to the truck all these years. The truck will come with body-color exterior components and adorned with special the Black Diamond exterior badge. The Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist, rear cameras, power adjustable pedals, as well as remote start and fog lamps will come standard. In addition, all buyers will get a customized leather-bound book recounting the history of the truck.

    The company is also cutting the base price of the truck by $2,500. Thus, the 2WD Chevy Avalanche LS will have the base price of $35,980, plus a dealer freight charge.

    Chevrolet Avalanche Is Consumer Reports’ Top Pick for 2011

    Consumer Reports released its vehicle top picks for 2011. According to the aforesaid list, the Chevrolet Avalanche is the most recommended choice among all 2011 sport utility trucks.

    Top picks are the best vehicles in their categories and must meet CR’s road test, reliability and safety requirements. The Avalanche was one of two domestic vehicles that was able to squeeze recognition of the Consumer Reports judges. This year’s rating is mostly a foreign affair: out of 10 cars recommended, six Japanese brands are top picks.

    The Chevrolets Avalanche and Silverado 1500 have swop places with each other as Consumer Reports’ top pick honorees since 2008. The Avalanche won worship in 2009 and the Silverado was selected last year.

    Unfortunately, the multi-purpose truck doesn’t have much longer to live as GM plans to kill the vehicle, along with the Cadillac Escalade EXT, when the next-gen full-sizers make their way to the market starting late 2012. So the Avalanche’s recently gained title of the best buy in its class can be regarded as the way to sugar the pill.