Cadillac STS Steering Wheels

About Cadillac STS Steering Wheels

A custom steering wheel for such a luxury sports sedan as the Cadillac STS should be stylish, pleasant to touch, and made of premium materials. At we offer custom steering wheels that undoubtedly meet all these requirements. If you prefer leather interior elements, we can supply a custom steering wheel carefully crafted of premium leather, which is very pleasant to hold in your hands. Otherwise you can order an all wood steering wheel, which is great at adding warm and cosy feel to the design. But one of the most popular options is combination of wood and leather.

The standard Cadillac STS interior can be furbished with wood elements, but if it is not, a wood and leather custom steering wheel could become a great addition to such an interior. If your dashboard already includes some wood elements, you can pick a similar wood color for your custom steering wheel, as we offer a wide choice of finish colors. Being a sports car, the Cadillac STS will also look great with a steering wheel treated with carbon fiber. This material comes in a variety of bright colors and trendy patterns, so it is easy to pick the one, which suits your taste and personal style.