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    Cadillac make some really great trucks, like the versatile, tough and fun to drive Cadillac SRX. Of course, as with all larger vehicles, the SRX does have one drawback for many people – it can be difficult to comfortably and safely get in and out of the car. This can be a big problem for older people and kids, but plenty of people find it easier to get in and out of this model of car when some of our great Cadillac SRX side steps or running boards have been fitted to the car. These provide either a platform or bar that people can step up onto to make it easier to get into their seats, making the car much safer, especially for kids.

    We stock a fantastic selection of Cadillac SRX nerf bars, truck running boards and side steps, so whether you prefer a subtle bar style with a non slip, grippy step up part, or a fuller platform, we have options that will suit you and your truck. With plenty of colors and metal finishes available and optional extras like lights, there are plenty of products here made by top end brands you can trust, all of which will make your Cadillac SRX safer and easier to use for all the family. Place your order today!

    Do you really enjoy the process of getting in and out of your vehicle? Isn't is too high? Aren't you tired of all that climbing and jumping? We know how to bring the joy back. A set of durable running boards will easily do the trick. The side steps that we've selected for you not only promise a safe and reliable stepping surface, but also offer a new and stylish look. Nerf bars, running boards, side steps, and side tubes - they all are here, gathered under one roof and waiting for you. Read over 4 running boards and side step reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to choose the accessory that is perfect for your vehicle and for your needs.

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    2011 Cadillac SRX
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    "Boards fit well and look very good on vehicle. Extender brackets need additional holes drilled in them to make them more rigid and to keep them from tipping when stepping on the board."