Cadillac SRX Hitch Covers

There are two ways to see the world: on a screen of a big TV set or with a big trailer behind your car, covering thousands of miles in search for new impressions. If you choose the second method, you should choose an appropriate Cadillac SRX trailer hitch. Though it may seem that a trailer hitch is just a piece of metal that should be durable enough to hold the weight of the trailer, the true purpose and action principle of the trailer hitch is different.

The trailer hitch serves to provide precise control over the trailer and to transfer 10% of the trailer’s weight to the vehicle. The first task is accomplished by secure attaching mechanisms and built-in electronic circuits. There are several types of trailer hitches that are designed to accomplish the second task without causing malfunction of the car. A weight-carrying hitch is used to handle lightweight trailers (up to 3000 lbs); weight-distributing hitches should be used for heavier trailers (3500 lbs and more). The Cadillac SRX trailer hitches are easily mounted on the rear of your car thanks to the advanced design and efforts of the manufacturers – no additional equipment is required except for a screwdriver and a drill. You should be able to mount the trailer hitch without any aid, though it will be much more fun to do if you have a friend with you.