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    “Gucci Edition” Cadillac Seville

    When automakers turn to companies in totally different niches in order to jazz up their models, these cars are called special edition models. Coming across some classic catalogs, there's a chance to bump into these special edition cars. And it seems that Gucci Edition Seville was released by Cadillac back in 1978.

    Designed to add this Italian bling to the V8-powered sedan, the Gucci package was also created to let a few owners of Gucci Edition Seville have this rare possession of essential luxury, recognition, and beauty.

    The Gucci Seville was available in three exterior colors: brown, black, and white. The package included exclusive fabric material found on the headliner, headrests, armrests, the passenger side of the dashboard , pillars, and floor mats. The steering wheel center hub featured the Gucci nameplate as well. Gucci treatment contained even a full set of Gucci luggage in the trunk. As for the exterior, special edition Sevilles were depictive due to vinyl top covering only the "C-pillar", gold Gucci hood ornament along with gold Gucci emblems on the wheels, C-Pillar, and front fenders. Gucci's green and red stripes across the trunk lid completed the Italian design. The full price of the package makes up $19,900 while the 1979 Cadillac Seville retailed for $22,900.