Cadillac Seville Hitch Covers

    About Cadillac Seville Trailer Hitches

    The Cadillac Seville trailer hitch is an essential upgrade if you use your vehicle not only to get to your office and back every day, but also to travel and see different places across the United States. Given that the Cadillac Seville’s luggage section is relatively small, you will most certainly get a trailer to carry the additional luggage.

    Let’s take a look at the kinds of the Cadillac Seville trailer hitches offers: weight-carrying hitches and weight-distributing hitches. You can use a weight-carrying hitch for a trailer that isn’t meant for heavy cargo. If you're going on a long journey and wish to take your house with you, almost nothing stands in your way except for limitations of your own vehicle. Even a small house weighs a lot and this weight should be handled properly. This is the point, at which you will need a weight-distributing hitch. A Class III weight distributing trailer hitch can handle up to 6000 lbs of gross trailer weight, which can be enough for a little house. The weight distribution is very important, since a trailer hitch might be sturdy enough to handle lots of pressure, but if this pressure is poorly distributed it can make you lose control over your vehicle.