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    There is no blurred line. There is no room for second guesses. The inside of your vehicle is either clean and protected or it’s not. It’s as simple as that. If you want true comfort and security, Cadillac Fleetwood Floor Mats are the only choice. Custom Cadillac Fleetwood Mats provide top-quality resistance against spills and debris while adding a touch of personal style mixed in. CARiD features a full selection of Cadillac Fleetwood Floor Mats that do the job right every time. Take your pick of Cadillac Fleetwood Rubber Mats, All-Weather Mats, ultra-luxurious Carpet Mats, Custom Embroidered Cadillac Fleetwood Mats, and more. All of our Cadillac Fleetwood Mats come from respected names like WeatherTech®, Lloyd®, and Nifty™, so you know that top-shelf workmanship and materials are on display. We give you the best value available to make it even easier! Defend your vehicle’s elegant interior the right way. Consider this the first step.

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    Floor liners are perhaps the most useful and time and money saving accessories you can buy for your vehicle. They make it easier to keep your vehicle clean, and they actually pay for themselves by keeping the original vehicle floor in as-new condition. Molded liners cover both the floor and a couple of inches of the walls of the foot wells, leaving no crevices...
    Protective automotive coverings come in two basic categories: mats and liners. The mats are flat, with a more or less perfect fit, ridges and deep wells or channels between the ridges, to separate and contain the dirt and moisture from your feet. The liners are molded, also with a more or less perfect fit, to the shape of the vehicle floor, with high lips that run...
    Cadillac Fleetwood was available in the following models:
    60 Special • 75 • Base • Brougham • 60 Special Brougham • Brougham d'Elegance • Brougham Talisman • 75 Formal • Formal • d'Elegance