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    Named for the Fleetwood Metal Body Company that produced automobile bodies before being taken over by GM in the early 20's, the Cadillac Fleetwood stands as one of the GM's most recognizable luxury names. From the mid '40s to the 1960s, the Fleetwood was known for its luxurious comfort and long wheelbase. As the years progressed, the model surged in popularity in a number of body-styles. By the '70s, the Fleetwood was constructed on the GM's D-body platform, which was designated for the full-size rear-wheel drive sedans. The model's lengthy 130 inch wheelbase was one of its more noticeable attributes. The car was powered by either a 7.7L V8 or an 8.2L V8. For 1977, the model was redesigned, it got revamped exterior accessories, and revised underhood parts. It was no longer as long as it has been, and the engine options were changed to a 7.0L V8 capable of 180 horsepower as well as a fuel-injected setup that was good for 195 horsepower. During this period, the Fleetwood was offered as the Brougham sedan and of course, the Fleetwood 75 Limousine, which still carried a wheelbase of 144.5 inches. However, the rear-wheel drive Fleetwood limo was dropped from the lineup in 1984, and the rear-wheel drive two-door version of the model was discontinued a year later.

    In 1985, the Fleetwood was moved to the GM's C-body platform for the front-wheel drive cars (with the exception of the Brougham, which would become a stand-alone model a couple years later). Fleetwood models, now on the C-body platform, included the Fleetwood Limousine, Fleetwood D'Elegance, Fleetwood Sixty Special, and the Fleetwood 75. 1989 saw the model updated once again. The base engine produced 180 horsepower in 1990 using a dual-stage intake manifold. A year later, it was bumped up once again to a 4.9L configuration capable of 200 horsepower. 1993 saw the model moved from its front-wheel drive platform back to rear-wheel drive in an effort to replace the Brougham (although the Sixty Special stayed front-wheel drive for another year). During this period, the Fleetwood was the largest US car in production.

    In 1994, the Fleetwood used a 5.7L V8 that produced up to 260 horsepower that was mated to a 4L60E four-speed automatic transmission. On the inside, the model featured a vast array of amenities and improved parts. An external temperature gauge, front-center arm rest, adjustable front head-restraints, remote power locks, a leather steering wheel, air conditioning/climate control, front/rear reading lights, an automatic-operating rearview mirror, and a CD stereo system with six speakers. After the 1995 model year, GM decided the next year would be the Fleetwood's last. The Cadillac Fleetwood was discontinued from the lineup after 1996, some fifty years after it first appeared. Although the model is no longer assembled, it is an undeniable part of the Cadillac legacy.

    The Cadillac Fleetwood is recognized throughout the world for its ultra-refined interior and classy demeanor. As one of the best-known titles under the Cadillac brand, the Fleetwood has been credited with helping keep the company name at the top of the luxury charts. Still a viable presence on the road to this day, drivers of the Fleetwood tend to add on their own custom accents to further the legacy. And when that's the mission, is always the place to be.

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    Tony Gwynn's Cadillac Fleetwood Available for Sale
    Tony Gwynn's Cadillac Fleetwood Available for Sale

    The vehicle which belonged to baseball hall of famer Tony Gwynn has been restored and tuned by the West Coast Customs and is currently offered on eBay, the price tag is $70,000.

    This car is a 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood DeVille which ran only 46,000 miles. The body of this astonishing vehicle is Pearl Blue, the paint job was performed in 10 stages. The interior is decorated with white and blue leather. This car is a true eye-catcher on the road. All elements of the interior were replaced including the seat covers, the headliners, the carpets, the door panels and the weather stripping. All factory installed accessories were replaced, so now everything works perfectly well, including the lights, gauge signals and a custom 1000 watt stereo. The most impressive features are the 150 spoke 22 inch Dayton wire wheels, huge stereo system with subs, re-built motor, air conditioning, power seats, power windows, cruise control and other options. All the mechanics was renewed, under the hood there is an 8-cylinder, 6.4-liter engine coupled to an automatic transmission.

    “To duplicate this would be outrageous and cost over 70k here is your chance to own it for a faction of what is cost to build. This car was built for baseball hall of famer Tony Gwynn and was built with no expense spared. This 64' Cadillac Fleetwood is a blast to drive and looks amazing,” the seller specified.