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    The Cadillac DTS Says Goodbye
    The Cadillac DTS Says Goodbye

    May 28 was the day of the farewell party arranged for the Cadillac DTS by the employees of the GM Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. The DTS sedan replaced the DeVille in 2006, and this week it rolled off the assembly line for the very last time. General Motors announced that it planed to replace the DTS with a vehicle based on the XTS Platinum Concept, introduced by the company at the 2010 North American International Auto Show. The XTS is supposed to go in production in 2012.

    The last DTS has been purchased by Nicola Bulgari, vice-chairman of the Bulgari luxury goods company. The Italian-born businessmen became an admirer of American vehicles in childhood, when after the World War 2 he was seeing United States soldiers driving various American cars through the streets of Rome. Bulgari purchased his first Cadillac at the age of 25, and it was the 1938 Cadillac V-16 Town Car. At the moment, the luxury product merchandiser owns 9 Cadillacs and two vehicles of the LaSalle, pre-war Cadillac's subdivision. Nicola Bulgari also owns every GM model made in 1941, the year he was born.

    Bulgari acquires each car not just for fun and not just to expand the collection. There should be a good reason for the businessmen to add a vehicle to the collection. Probably, the reason for buying the final DTS was its Northstar V-8 engine. As Bulgari said, “I thought it would be wonderful to own the last Northstar in a DTS. It's one of the best engines ever designed, reliable and a performer." So after all, the last Cadillac DTS will end up in good hands of a real devotee of American vehicles.