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You will get the best Cadillac replacement doors at our site such as the VERTICAL DOORS® - Phantom Door Conversion Kit. This kit is made up of 4 hinges with 8 grade hinge pin bolts and 4 door pockets with grade 8 mounting hardware. They are constructed from top grade stainless steel for extra rigidity and coated with cadmium for protection and maximum durability. The hinges open backwards in the popular retro style of the 60’s that was a style statement even back then. You won’t need to replace your doors as the hinge kits are installed right where the factory fitted hinges were without extensive alterations or modifications. For the installation, you will get a set of very easy to follow instructions that detail a step by step process. In case of any problems, you will also benefit from a round-the-clock tech care that will answer all your queries. For the best results both in transforming the look of your car and the smooth operation of your doors, the Vertical doors experts recommend the use of professional installation by a qualified expert.

Also featured at our site is the latest version of the LSD-DOORS® - Lambo Vertical Doors Kit. These doors are made using the latest innovative technologies such as the modern laser cut technology which is renowned for creating exceptionally designed kits for precise fitment onto your Cadillac. These Cadillac replacement doors kits are made using very strong stainless steel that is highly polished to ensure that it does not rust even with extended use, in any type of weather condition. The installation kit comes with LSD hinges that are specific to the LSD fittings of your particular Caddy, ensuring that they fit flawlessly to give you improved clearance and a very classy looking car.

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1978 Cadillac Deville
| Posted by | (Cottonwood, CA)

The actuator was a perfect match to the original. It performed very well and I'm very pleased.

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