Cadillac Deville Hitch Covers

    About Cadillac Deville Trailer Hitches

    The key to choosing the right Cadillac Deville trailer hitch is the knowledge of physics. Approximately 10% of the trailer and cargo weight (also referred to as gross weight) is carried by the Cadillac Deville. The weight-carrying hitches are applied if the said 10% don’t ruin the weight balance of the car. Basically, you can put a weight-carrying hitch to use if the cargo in the trailer could be put in the vehicle’s luggage section but there isn’t enough space to do so. This can include bicycles, tents, snowboards, any other gear for sport activities or camping, etc.

    The weight-distributing hitches are applied for trailers that are really heavy. What makes it different from the weight-carrying hitch is that it distributes the weight evenly between the back and the front of your Cadillac Deville. When you have a Class I or II (weight carrying) trailer hitches installed, all the weight is being transfered to the back of your car, which can cause a dangerous situation of the load is too heavy. We offer you the trailer hitches produced by well known manufacturers, such as CURT, KC HiLiTES, AutoGold, etc. These companies utilize high-quality materials when making their products, which has earned them respect and high popularity among many Cadillac owners.