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    The Cadillac Catera sedan was born in the 1995. Back in the 1999 this model was renewed and modernized with smoother and comfier colors in its interior design, adding a drop of chic into it. In the 2001 Cadillac Catera was the only brand’s model with rear-wheel drive that has a V-8 engine. After the model comfort upgrade, the Cadillac Catera ended up to weigh a bit more, and became the first brand’s vehicle that was totally and absolutely produced and launched beyond the USA borders. By the year 2002 the Catera Caddy was taken off the production.

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    Caddy That Zigs: One Reason Why Cadillac Catera Was a Win
    Caddy That Zigs: One Reason Why Cadillac Catera Was a Win

    The Cadillac Catera has been overwhelmed with criticism from the first to last days of its short life. Indeed, numerous reliability problems and rather controversial marketing campaign built a poor profile for the Catera.

    When GM announced a new Caddy to the public in 1996, car enthusiasts everywhere wonder if a car whose DNA came from another continent could fit the image of the quintessential American car brand. It was only the third time in the brand’s long history when Cadillac imported a car from Europe and the results were catastrophic. The base Catera was offered as a rear-wheel drive model and was equipped with a 200 hp L81 V6 manufactured in England at GM's Ellesmere Port facility. A Sport model was added to the lineup in 1999 with eight-way power adjustable seats, heated front seats, 17-inch wheels, driver's seat memory, audible theft-deterrent system, three-channel garage door opener, high-intensity discharge headlamps, and a rear spoiler. The Catera received a facelift in 2000 with revised nose, tail, wheels, interior trim, mirrors, optional HID headlamps, stiffer suspension settings, and side airbags.

    The vehicle was marketed with the “The Caddy that Ziggs” tagline and featured a red duck with a big yellow beak named Ziggy. This maskot was dicontinued around 2000 followed by the Catera itself in 2001.

    Despite being little noted or long remembered, the Cadillac Catera was a win for one reason: its failure forced GM to do what had been unthinkable just a few years earlier - start over with a clean sheet of paper and finally save its luxury division.