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Cadillac is the most prestigious automaker in America. The brand embraces a wide range of vehicles from sedans and coupes to crossovers and SUVs, which are all outfitted with powerful engines, ensure agile handling and luxury interior/exterior design. When looking back, every Cadillac vehicle was a perfect combination of luxurious design and innovative technologies. The Cadillac Calais is no exclusion. This car was once known as the Cadillac Series 62. The new name, the Calais, was inspired by the French resort town of the same name. First seen in 1965, the car was available as a two- or four-door hardtop version or a four-door sedan. The Calais was powered by a 7L OHV V8 engine capable of 340 HP.

The 1966 Calais had the same silhouette as the previous model, but featured less chrome. The variable ratio steering, headrests, optional reclining heated seats and AM/FM stereo were among the improvements. For the 1967 model year, the modifications included a redesigned side panel that made the car look more stylish and a restyled roof giving more privacy for back seat passengers. The grille was tilted forward, which was common for all Cadillacs from 1967. The car featured revised engine valves and a new carburetor. The grille was slightly changed, which resulted in a higher position of parking lights. The car offered 14 totally new exterior paint color combinations and 147 upholstery combinations. Since then, power windows became a standard. In 1968, the Calais was upgraded with a more powerful engine – a 7.7 L OHV V8 making 375 HP.

The 1969 Cadillac Calais was fully redesigned in the Eldorado style. The car got an all-new grille with dual horizontal headlamps positioned in the outboard step down areas of the grille. The 1971 model became one of the most delightful Cadillacs of the period. It featured a 133-inch wheelbase, horizontal headlights, and lower fenders. The 1972 Calais offered automatic parking brakes, flow-through ventilation system and passenger assist straps as standard. An energy-absorbing bumper was an outstanding feature of the 1973 Calais. The 1974 Calais featured dual round headlamps were mounted close together in square bezels. The 1975 model had a new cross hatched grille and dual square headlights.

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