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The current Buick Skylark lighting is a lot more affordable and economical that OE offerings. With the right kind of lighting, your Skylark will catch the attention of all who see it. More importantly, your safety will be enhanced no matter what time you may be driving. If you dread driving at night because your headlights are no longer as bright as they used to be, why not replace them with an LED headlight kit? LED headlights last longer than incandescent kits and produce better and brighter illumination. You won’t have to worry about their longevity because they are securely covered in hardy casings that keep the LEDs protected from the elements – water, dust, corrosion. To assemble the complete LED headlight kit, you will need to first remove the factory headlights so that the new LED set replaces it completely. Alternately, use a strobe system or the colorful LED Lightning Eyes to boost the output of your existing headlights. These are water proof and have a high IP rating, meaning they will remain in use for long without succumbing to the wear caused by contaminants.

Light up any interior or exterior part of the Skylark with the numerous LED lights available – illuminator modules, glow sticks, LED strips and more. These are easy to mount and can be used anywhere on the car. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be cut up to fit any space. They are also a great way of adding a customized look to your car’s lighting system. Choose LED strips and lights in colors of your choice and let your Skylark make a statement every time it lights up. Lighting accessories such as the LED Activator Switch from PlasmaGlow make it easy for you to control the lighting system of your car. Simply press the button to activate the lights. This switch is easy to install and connect to the car’s lighting system.

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Customize your Buick Skylark with a set of extra bright headlights, put some flash on the back of your vehicle with custom tail lights, or add a little individuality with a stylish 3rd brake light. Designed not only to complement the look of your Buick Skylark, but also assist in safe driving, all lights from our comprehensive collection meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to operate under harsh weather conditions. Save time and personalize your vehicle with CARiD.

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Euro tail lights, known as Altezza or clear tail lights, are sought after replacements for the factory installed tail lights, which usually have plain, boring red plastic lenses. In contrast, Euro tail lights present an interesting chrome or black substrate with smaller red, clear or yellow individual lenses or bulbs under a clear or smoked outer lens.

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