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As years passed, the Buick Skylark has proved to be quite a shape-shifter by taking on different images and styles. Back in the 60’s when engines grew in size and power, the Buick Skylark has introduced the Grand Sport that later became its own model with a big block V8, thus marking its entry into the muscle car sector. From 1985 and up to its final production year in 1998 the Buick Skylark has lost its muscle-car-like appearance and switched to a range of V6 engines supplied by Pontiac and Oldsmobile. It still had enough power to confidently zip through traffic and at the same time offer a good handling performance.

Better yet, the Skylark was a pleasure to drive, especially during lengthy trips since it had those comfy seats which you never felt like leaving. There are other things that make the Skylark stand out, but CARiD has got all kinds of accessories designed specifically to get your trusty ride noticed. With our great assortment of Buick Skylark license plates and frames you will be able to dress up your car in a way so that you won’t be disappointed with its new look. Why? Because whether it is a license plate or a frame, it has been religiously crafted out of solid stainless steel that comes in a variety of stunning finishes to give your car the exclusive look it deserves.

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