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The Buick Skyhawk is one of the Buick models which had a successful evolution, though it was no longer than 2 generations: 1975-1980 and 1982-1989 model years. The first-generation model came as a 2-door hatchback and was built on the subcompact rear-wheel drive H-body platform. While the second-generation model came as a 2-door/4-door sedan and a hatchback, a station wagon, and a 2-door coupe, all of them based on the front-wheel drive compact J-car platform. The Buick Skyhawk was first introduced in September 1974 as a subcompact 4-passenger hatchback. It shared the same platform with the Chevrolet Monza and had the same 97.0-inch wheelbase and 65.4-inch width. The Skyhawk was the smallest automobile in the Buick's history ever. It competed with other sports cars, like the Ford Mustang II, Mercury Capri, Toyota Celica, etc. The last Skyhawk was assembled in 1989.

The Buick Skyhawk came with the Buick-designed 3.8-liter 231 cid V6 engine generating 110 horsepower and 4,000 rpm. The Skyhawk was offered with a 4-speed manual transmission, though a 3-speed automatic was optional. The other transmissions, like 4-speed/5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic, were optional for 1976 and 1980 models. The second-generation Skyhawk was equipped with the 1.8-liter "122" OHV carbureted four-cylinder engine producing 88 hp and optional Brazilian 1.8-liter overhead-cam TBI 4 with 80 hp. Later on, the Skyhawk came with a carbureted SOHC 2.0-liter engine delivering 90 hp. The horsepower was gained or reduced with each successive engine. The powerful T-Type or 'Sport' trim was offered with a turbocharged MPFI Brazilian-like 1.8-liter engine delivering 150 hp.

A completely new option, the Astroroof, came with the 1976 Skyhawk model. It was an overhead glass roof with an aluminum band from one B-pillar across the roof to the opposite one. The 1977 Skyhawk came with a conventional sliding sunroof as an option and was popular among customers. The 1979 year model got a face lift and various new parts and particularly headlamps. The previous dual rectangular headlamps were replaced by single rectangular ones. A Skyhawk Designers’ Accent Edition was a great change of the trim package: red with black trim or bright yellow. The last Skyhawk got the following updates: standard electronic fuel injection, better acoustical insulation, and finally, body colored doors. The station wagon got the window frames colored.

The Buick Skyhawk is a complete pleasure for a driver. The Skyhawks were changing on-and-off, improving exterior design as well as interior. Notwithstanding in which body style the Skyhawk was presented, it got dozens of new accessories and parts. The facts tell for themselves, for the total number of the produced Skyhawks goes far beyond 600,000 vehicles. When it comes to comfortable drive and sporty look, the Skyhawk meets both requirements. It excelled its rivals and has been in the game for years. That's the point.

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