Buick Riviera Trailer Hitches

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    The Buick Riviera trailer hitches are an important accessory for any owner of the Buick Riviera who likes traveling with a lot of cargo. You will find the Buick Riviera weight-carrying hitches, as well as the weight-distributing hitches in CARiD catalogues. The difference between those hitches in not only in the maximum weight of the trailer and cargo they can safely handle, but also in the way they function.

    It is important to understand how a trailer hitch functions. The gross weight of the trailer can be divided into two parts: one part is carried by the trailer’s wheels (thus the power of the vehicle is spent only to drag this weight) and the second (about 10%) is carried by your trailer hitch. The ten percent may be a little or a lot depending on the total weight. 10% of a 200 pound cargo trailer can be safely carried by the Buick Riviera’s back axis – a weight-carrying hitch is appropriate in this case. But you don’t want to put 10% of a 3500 pound heavy vacation trailer directly onto the back axis – the solution lies in distributing the weight between the back and front axis of the car. A weight-distributing hitch will perform well in this case. Consult the manual or a specialist to find out the limit of the trailer weight the Buick Riviera can handle.

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    When you’re setting up your trailer with a new tow vehicle, several things need to be considered: the ball mount and ball must be rated to take the weight, and the ball has to be at the right height. Once you have determined the proper weight class, choose a ball mount of a high enough class for your trailer, and set up your ball mount and ball for proper towing....
    Buick Riviera was available in the following models:
    Base • Gran Sport • GS • Sport • SR • LXXV Anniversary Edition • S • T-Type • Limited Edition • Luxury • XX Anniversary Edition