Buick Rendezvous Dash Covers

About Buick Rendezvous Dash Covers

A Buick Rendezvous is a classy crossover that has an extremely deep dash that hasn’t been in production since 2007, so if you’ve got one; chances are that incredibly deep dash of yours is starting to show some signs of aging. Even though you keep the interior of your vehicle clean, you can’t avoid the fact that the sun is going to fade the dash while the vehicle sits outside.

We’ve got just what you need. A dashboard cover from us will not only make the dashboard of your Rendezvous look brand new within minutes of receiving it, but it’s also guaranteed to deflect some of the glare off your windshield that you experience when driving on sunny days. That’s because out fabric choices – plastic, suede, carpet, and velour – will absorb the suns harsh and harmful UV rays instead of letting them bounce off the windshield and into your eyes. We also offer competitive pricing and an impeccable fit that can’t be beat! Once you’ve purchased and experienced one, you’ll want to invest in more immediately!

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