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    Buick: 24 Months Of Sales Gains
    Buick: 24 Months Of Sales Gains

    September is the 24th consecutive month in which Buick's sales increased compared to the year prior. The brand achieved the milestone owing to the fuel-efficient vehicles featuring the eAssist technology.

    The eAssist technology is essentially a mild-hybrid, gas-electric powertrain for big Buick sedans, which is combined with automatic start/stop and regenerative braking. Developed to increase fuel efficiency, it uses a 15-hp electric motor to assist the driver during acceleration. The system comes standard on the 2012 Buick LaCrosse and is priced as the V-6 gas model.

    Year over year, Buick's retail sales grew 4%, and the total sales climbed 6%. Last month, the brand's retail sales grew 24%, with total sales up 23% year to date. Buck managed to outsell Acura, Audi, Infiniti, Lincoln, and Lexus. The big gainer was the Buick Regal with 3,325 units sold last month (87.2% up). Sales of the Buick Enclave grew 9% to 4,868 vehicles, while the LaCrosse wasn't that lucky last month facing the sales decrease of 8.5% (4,338 units sold).

    Brian Sweeney, U.S. vice president of Buick Sales and Service, mentioned in the interview posted on Buick web-site that with the Verano, Regal GS and eAssist models joining the lineup this fall, the brand is expected to continue the growth.

    Buick to Offer Its 2012 Lineup with IntelliLink
    Buick to Offer Its 2012 Lineup with IntelliLink

    Buick has announced that the owners of its 2012 models will have the possibility to enjoy the company's latest development. Tony DiScale, vise president of marketing for the U.S., introduced Buick IntelliLink to the general public. The presentation was held during the off-site event at the 2011 New York International Auto Show.

    “Today’s tech-savvy consumers expect more from their cars’ infotainment systems,” said Tony DiSalle. “They want a system that allows them to customize their in-vehicle experience with smartphones and other portable media devices. The availability of IntelliLink on every Buick sedan in 2012 and every Buick model in 2013 takes connectivity and media personalization to a new level.”

    The 2012 Verano will be the first Buick's car with this system on board. Also the 2012 Regal and LaCrosse will further join the new compact sedan. Buick IntelliLink connects to a driver's smartphone via USB or Bluetooth to a high-resolution touch screen display radio. A smartphone receives commands via voice activation and controls, located on a steering wheel. IntelliLink features a number of popular apps, including Stitcher SmartRadio and Pandora Internet Radio.

    Buick Moves Toward America’s Top Luxury Brand Title

    It's been a while since Buick was seen as a serious competitor on the U.S. automotive market, but it appears that the brand has something to celebrate, at last. In February Buick managed to outsell Lexus, as well as Audi, Acura and Mercedes-Benz.

    In fact, Buick is now the second most popular luxury car maker after BMW and it seems the domestic elder is not going to stop there. Buick sold 15,807 vehicles in February, up 73.3 percent from the same month of the last year. It’s only 800 X3 units that allowed BMW to outrun Buick. What’s really impressive is that Buick has managed to achieve this success with only four vehicles in its lineup: the Enclave, LaCrosse, Lucerne and Regal.

    In 2010, Lexus was the top luxury car maker and outsold Buick by a 70,000 unit margin. The situation is reverse this year with Buick outselling Lexus for two months in a row. Back in the mid-20th century, Buick was seen as a brand for white-collar professional, a niche it lost to Lexus more than 20 years ago. With a fresh lineup Buick seems to be reclaiming the mid-luxury market. The company is also reportedly plans adding a convertible, coupe, station wagon and a compact crossover to the lineup, which will make it even more difficult for Lexus to take back its number one place from Buick.