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Once again, the Buick has proven that it deserves one of the top positions on the US market. This American company has once more created a vehicle that features fantastic performance. The experience that has been accumulating for over a century has becomes the Buick’s “ace up the sleeve”. The Buick has always held on to the traditions of the past years. That’s probably the reason why their engineers didn’t realize that the lighting that was so popular several decades ago is now out of date and needs to be replaced by the Buick Lucerne LED lighting. As an owner of the Buick Lucerne, it is up to you to solve this issue.

The LED lights are a modern aftermarket accessory that is can be used to replace the halogen and the incandescent bulbs. The bright light emitted by the LEDs is not just useful, it is a step forward in terms of driving safety. The LED light bulbs will react about 0.2 seconds faster than the OEM tail lights will, meaning that the other motorists will be able to press the brakes a bit earlier to stop a dozen feet away from you car. The day running lights are used for this purpose as well. The luminescence of the halogen bulbs is not enough and that is why they are not used. Many people also purchase the LED accessories for cosmetic purposes – the LED strip lights have the ability to illuminate the dark spots of your vehicle with an attractive clear light.

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When you decide to install LED bulbs into you car, you need to know the right size and select the desired color. Next thing to know is that most vehicles use a Thermal Flasher unit to control their Turn Signals. Most Thermal Flasher units are generally not compatible with LED lights without a resistor installed with them. Why you Ask?
There is now LED lighting technology available for every conventional automotive lighting purpose. The incandescent bulbs haven’t really developed that much in the 140 years they have existed, while the development rate of LEDs is very rapid, with LED performance being doubled every 36 months, a development rate that is similar to the fast pace of computer...
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