Buick Hitch Covers

    About Buick Trailer Hitches

    There is a variety of the Buick trailer hitches available because the diversity of trailers requires different solutions for safe and reliable junction between the Buick and the trailer. The general rule applied for trailer and trailer hitch design is that 90% of the weight is carried by the trailer’s wheels, but 10% of the weight is carried by the vehicle. 10% of a trailer with just a couple of backpacks and bicycles isn’t much, this weight can be safely handled by the Buick’s back axis – you should be satisfied with a weight-carrying hitch. 10% of a house on wheels requires advanced handling, because it may cause impaired steering or even steer the vehicle instead of the driver – this is the point at which a weight-distributing hitch keeps the situation under your control.

    The Buick trailer hitches are crafted from high-quality materials to achieve the best performance and durability. We aim to provide you with the best items produced under such famous brand as CURT, KC HiLiTES, Draw-Tite etc. We will also attach templates for drilling holes that you need to mount the trailer hitch for easy installation. We take care of our customers’ needs and it has earned us reputation and recognition. Our customers have rated our products and service we offer with an average of 4.5 out of 5 points.