Buick Electra Dash Covers

If you drive a Buick Electra, you may be having trouble finding parts and accessories for your car because the last year that they were produced was 1990. We have everything you could need for your Electra, including dashboard covers. Not only will investing in a dash cover make your dashboard look brand new again, but it will also aid in protecting both your dash and your eyes from the harmful UV rays the sun produces.

With us, you have your choice between four fabrics – plastic, carpet, suede, or even velour – so you’re definitely going to find one that matches your vehicle and/or style flawlessly. Next you get to choose what color you want for your cover. We have a vast number of solid colors or if you don’t see one that appeals to you, you can instead choose a custom pattern. You can even customize your dashboard cover further by embroidering something on it as well! Since our prices are so competitive, you can easily afford all the perks without your wallet becoming too light.

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